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Meteor Rubber Toy Small
This Mini Meteor dog toy is so tough it had to come from another galaxy. It's a perfect chew toy but also bounces erratically for hours of throw and catch fun. - Made of non-toxic ultra durable Alien Flex rubber...
Alien Flex Biggoe Canvas Plush Dog Toy
Biggoe is an Alien Flex dog toy made of printed canvas, with rope hair and a squeaky body. He is the chief of the Somalix tribe, also known as "Big Arm Joes". They love to give group hugs and tell...
Harry Plush Toy
Harry is from the planet of Articus, the coldest planet in all of the galaxies. Nicknamed by scientists as the “Intergalactic Abominable Snowman,” it is said they are the inventors of the original ice-cream recipe. He can eat 8 scoops...
Xaman Printed Canvas Toy
Xaman is the chief of the Hooga tribe, a mystical tribe that believe the saber-toothed skin gives them cat like agility, although it may just be an awkward "fashion statement". * Not recommended for tough chewers or dogs with a...
Sold Out
Meteor Rubber Toy Large
We present the limited edition Alien Flex Meteor. Made from intergalactic, ultra-durable Alien Flex rubber. Roughly the size of a tennis ball, this dog toy is so tough it had to come from another galaxy. It's a perfect chew toy...
Hammer Nylon Toy
This toy is an exact replica of the Space Hammer, part of the power chew tool set used by Alpha the Dog during his interplanetary explorations. The Hammer was designed specifically to be used without the need of hands (or...
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