Paws Up! Here’s Where To Get Your Beloved Pet’s Needs And Treats


We know you’ve been closer with your pets this quarantine, so why not go the extra mile and give them treats from these pet brands?

Whether you are working from home now or still reporting to your school or office, there is always a time for you to shower your beloved pets with love. Playing with them warms up your heart when they respond with a disarming look in their eyes, an adorable sound, or an energetic movement. They will always remain our beloved companion in days of joy and struggles. So, here’s a short rundown of some premium brands for their needs, treats, and more.

Luxuri Pets

The most recent addition to The Aivee Group, this shop carries a variety of pet food, supplements, bath needs, and accessories. This is Cat Arambulo-Antonio’s favorite pet store to get treats and toys for her adorable dogs, Shanti and Samadhi. From eye-catching collars with a secure lock system to charming bow ties, you would never run out of accessories to choose from. It is also good to note the store is the exclusive distributor of Pinkpawpal, the award-winning Thailand-based petcare brand and Persian Cattery.



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